Disinfection and sanitization service

We are a reliable Disinfection solution company providing satisfactory COVID Disinfection services in Dubai. When we Disinfect the areas properly to remove all the harmful things like bacteria, viruses, germs, and harmful substances, we usually use soap and detergent. At the same time, Disinfection and cleaning of the floor to clean or eliminate the weak enough to kill the pathogens. Our Disinfection services use state-of-the-art technology, cleaning, and environmentally friendly MOH/DHA chemicals to remove all types of germs from your home.

Buildings disinfection service

The UAE is a great place to live, but it can also be hot and humid all year round. It's hard to imagine driving in the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, but we live in the desert.

Villas disinfection services

Hello, cleaner has a team of professionals, experienced and experts in house cleaning and house cleaning services.

Apartments disinfection service

Disinfection is a surface/equipment treatment process that uses physical or chemical means to reduce the number of pathogenic microorganisms on a surface.

Towers disinfection services

Many quiet towers form the foundation of a house that is easily repulsed by a lot of dirt, mud and mud. Cooling towers are generally required to be efficient in

Hospitals disinfection services

We offer a good vary of hospital cleanup services that meet the very best standards. Decision our trained cleaners to make a germ-free atmosphere in your clinic.

Hotels disinfection services

Do you want to hire reliable cleaners for hotel cleaning services in UAE? ALARFA PEST CONTROL and water tank cleaning

Restaurant Disinfection service

Al Arfa Pest Control & Disinfection Services take care of cleansing for all kinds and sizes of Restaurants. We are aware of the fee of cleanliness in

Commercial Disinfection

Al Arfa has a team of professionals who are equipped with the latest tools which guarantee full satisfaction of customers.

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