Pest Control Services

Everyone is working hard these days to take care of their surroundings and keep the space clean and free of germs. We are committed to helping people and businesses to maintain a clean environment, with cleaning and disinfection methods. You are on the site of the Al Arfa pest control services in the UAE. We have implemented a proven pest control system that is humane, non-invasive, and effective. 

Rodent control

Many people around the world face the problem of rodents in their homes. It harms property and human health. It can damage furniture,

Termite Control

Also called white collarbones. Many families are confused by ants and ants that can cause more damage to their property. This is why

Mosquitoes control

Mosquitoes are found everywhere in Dubai, Sharjah, and the United Arab Emirates. They are small flying insects that torment humans and suck blood and spread

Flies control

Whether it's the constant buzzing noise, the harmless flies flying around your house, or the annoying flies buzzing around your food,

Bedbugs control

Packing can't move from one place to another and it destroys bags, books, and other bags. Egg seals have the rare ability to survive for days

Fumigation Services

Fumigants are pesticides that are volatile and act as toxic gases in a small space. Fumigation is a versatile technique

Snake control

If Snakes affecting your home, construction sites, or exterior property you have come to the right place for professional help. We are professional snake

Fleas control

Al Arfa Pest control & Tanks cleaning services recently established by employing vibrant team approved by Dubai Manicipality

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