Rodent Control Services

Many people around the world face the problem of rodents in their homes. It harms property and human health. It can damage furniture, books, clothes, electrical wires, plastic pipes, food, important documents, and other things. Once they enter in home, you will face a lot of destruction in the home. Not only does it damage property but it can also cause serious health problems. it is dangerous, but don’t panic. The experts at Al Arfa Pest Control and water tank cleaning services will help you to get rid of rodents, rats, mice, and other types of pests from your house. For quick inspection Please call our expert.

How does we help you to get rid of mice?

We help homes and businesses to get rid of mice, rats, rodents, Mosquitoestermites, bedbugsand flies, and other types of pests. Take the first step and contact us, our experts will come to inspect your property or business or residential pest control in Dubai. The visit consists of researching and finding places where mice, rats and  insects may be hiding. Our Professional team will help you get rid of rats, rodents, insects, and their nests. We will also find out how we get in and why. A pest control professional will discuss all possible treatment options with you. It will also consider interior or exterior repairs and both. We will provide you with professional solutions to meet all your pest control needs, whether it be extermination, monitoring, trapping or extermination best services.

Interior rodent service.

For rodent control in Dubai, we will use pressure traps, docks, mouse traps (MRT), or glue boards. If there is no readily available water source near the house then there will be used as an alternative source of water for rodent control. If we detect an increase in rodent activity, a temporary device will be added.

Exterior rodent service.

If there is rodent control outside the building, this includes the quick use of a swatter especially in the harbor. Alarfa Pest Control and water tank cleaning experts will add additional traps when feeding activity is increased or if the bait is consumed.

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