School Cleaning Service

Al-Arfa Pest Control & Water Tank Cleaning Services also offers excellent school cleaning services. Schools and colleges must maintain cleanliness and hygiene to stop the spread of germs and diseases. Our building, apartmentsvillas, towersschool water tank cleaning service in Dubai ensures that high standards and hygienic products are used. The materials used are safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly so that as soon as students and teachers enter the school, no harmful or dangerous fumes are inhaled. hallways and classrooms. 

Also, as we are ISO certified, we do not use harsh chemicals like Dettol and Chlorox that are harmful to children. Our cleaning service providers are professionals. Do they know exactly what your requests and expectations are?

Dust thoroughly in all areas of the classroom, including desks, blackboards, and chairs, Removal of insects, webs, and germs. Take out the trash, Cleaning of trash, remove all trash from school, Cleaning of offices, workplaces, and staff stations. Bring back the tables, Cleaning of the kitchen and dining area, Clean and clear floors, tables, equipment, and supplies such as phones, feather dusters, etc.

Make sure the bathroom is clean and disinfected. Our top priority is safety – that’s why we offer specific cleaning products that won’t affect children’s health. We have the best experts in this area. Our in-house experts and reliable staff are trained and experienced. If your school cleaning service is licensed, we can still help, you can easily contact us for any question. We provide excellent school cleaning services all over Dubai.

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