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"Be Safe From Harmful Bacteria"

Al-Arfa pest control & Tank cleaning services provide a full range of Pest Control and Water Tank cleaning services for Master Developers and Corporate Clients and a wide range of domestic services. We are providing our services to our valuable customers for the last 20 years in a different fields. We prefer quality service with all the safety of your family, home, and business that is the reason our customers have a long-term relationship with us. Al-Arfa has professional teams of well-trained individuals who are trained to follow all the safety measures while working as you and your asset’s safety is one of our high priorities.

Our Services

Pest Extermination

There are many types of pest flies species. The filth flies can breed permanently and rapidly outdoors in decaying materials, damp soil, and unsanitary conditions.

Pest Removal

Al Arfa is providing its customers quality services in removing pests from their Homes, Offices, Farms, and other areas.

Chemical Treatment

If there is no chemical treatmet then their dirty flies posea serious health risk and can spread germs which is a serious threat to people’s health.

Water Tank Cleaning

Al Arfa has a team of professionals who are equipped with the latest tools which guarantee full satisfaction of customers.

Bug Preventing

You want to get rid of Bed bug problem but don’t know how to remove bed bugs. Then this, not a big problem AlArfa is here to provide you with high-quality services. 


It is very important for your whole day routine also if you cannot sleep well then you cannot fulfill your daily activities. A calm sleep makes you fresh and active.

Environmental Cleaning

Are you facing bed bug problems in Dubai, bed bugs are a big problem that makes your nights disturbed at your home. You cannot sleep well due to bed bugs.

Safety Measure

Al Arfa cares  about you and your family as much as you do. So our teams are trained to implement all safety measures during anti-pest sprays. 

Be Safe From Harmful Bacteria

 Al Arfa Pest control & Tanks cleaning services recently established by employing vibrant team approved by Dubai Manicipality who has handled Major client/Projects in UAE. Al Arfa pest control & Tanks cleaning services committed to follow integrated pest management solutions as per Dubai Municipality guidelines with high quality services. We are committed to sustainable solutions, and safety of people and pets which are directly related to public health. keeping in mind the importance of these services, we are firmly committed to the quality of the services, safety of environment and PPE as well.

Our Clients

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