Commercial Disinfection

Disinfectants kill 100% of the germs and bacteria

Al Arfa Pest Control & water tank cleaning company in the UAE has high concerns regarding it’s customers as well as team members’ security. Al Arfa Pest Control & water tank cleaning company in Dubai has trained its team to follow all instructions while operating on your premises which guarantee the safety of your family, home appliances, and team member as well.

To assure harmless operations team members will take all precautions by wearing operational costumes like masks, and special glasses and will test all their equipment before using them in your home to avoid any mishap.

Al Arfa Pest Control & water tank cleaning company in the UAE offers a complete commercial disinfection service to kill 100% of germs in high-touch areas such as door handles, windows, light fixtures, sinks, and toilets. We use special green cleaning chemicals that are odorless, colorless, and harmless to human health in these areas. We offer a full house cleaning service including sweeping and cleaning of the yard, say it is required for house cleaning or commercial cleaning services. From toilet Disinfection to laundry, kitchen, and laundry cleaning, we offer professional Disinfection services. You can rely on certified professionals for your daily Disinfection needs.

Sometimes contamination from harmful bacteria cannot be removed by standard methods. Therefore, we use ultraviolet devices for disinfection in addition to environmental cleaning solutions. They can be used in all areas such as cleaning doors and walls, curtains, carpets, and household appliances. We use misting, UV light, and pressure spray to ensure germs are killed even on hard-to-reach surfaces. Keep your home clean with pest control services in Dubai. For This Disinfection, You can easily contact us. 

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